Memorial Fundraising


Your chance to buy one of Anne-Catherine’s unique prints.


This fund has been created from sales of Anne-Catherine’s own art works, and with an auction of artworks donated by friends. The unique artworks of Anne-Catherine displayed here are all on sale in New Year 2020 to raise further funds. Other artists works for sale are displayed here.


The Anne-Catherine memorial fund supports the work of Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers.

Art Therapy is an important part of the work at Southwark Day Centre For Asylum Seekers (SDCAS), particularly helping those asylum seekers who have suffered trauma and torture. 
Anne-Catherine, who recently died of cancer was an irreplaceable team member, developing with SDCAS, the charity’s capacity to provide therapeutic services. She worked for four years as a volunteer Art Psychotherapist with small groups at The Day Centres, and with mother and children group at Government Hostel for Asylum seekers at Barry House.
SDCAS have established a fund in her memory to continue to provide art therapy for local asylum seekers; to actively support the enormous healing potential of art therapy.

Our initial target is to raise £10,000 (2019-2020) and then raise money annually to keep the fund top-uped to allow the charity to continue providing professional therapy. With generous donors and a successful first auction we have already raised approximately £8000. Our target now is to raise another final £2000. Then to run an annual art auction and other related fundraising events to maintain and build the legacy


Further works for sale online will be added to coincide with live Auction scheduled for Spring 2020.

We hope you will be generous in your support and thank you for visiting this site to look at Anne-Catherine’s unique artwork.

Please contact SDCAS at if you would like to learn more about the charity and its invaluable work.


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